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The Wonder of Shared Experiences

April 22nd, 2022

Back before I worked in technology, my background was live events. I spent much of my teenage years working in theatres and venues, preparing sets, lighting and sound equipment.

I love attending live theatre, music, and sport, as many people do.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to attend my first post-lockdown gig.

Rachel and I headed into Southampton to see Oh Wonder, and they delivered.

I have an affinity for when musicians not only play their music but 'let you behind the curtain'.

Good performers can tell a story through their art.

Great performers weave a web of shared experiences.

Chris Martin of Coldplay describes it like this;

Even in stadiums, I spend my time on stage looking directly into as many people's eyes as possible, building a web of shared experience.

There's ✨ magic in those moments.

You're 1 of 30,000 fans in a stadium willing a team on or a single voice in a collection of thousands singing along to your favourite artist; you become this collective community for a short time.

The real question is, how can we have more of these collective community moments?

I think the answer is relatively simple.

Be present in your communities.

Your parenting groups. Sports teams. Gym. ParkRun. Work lunches. Online gaming events. Conferences. The list is endless.

Your communities with which you interact daily give you an opportunity for shared moments.

Take them.