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Skiing and Degrees

February 7th, 2023

Did you know I'm the only grandchild without a degree?

My grandparents saved for each of us to go to university.

They were both headteachers and both highly respected in their fields.

However, I dropped out of college... twice.

I wrote a letter to my grandparents explaining a business idea, and I wished to use my university fund as some seed money to start BrightByte Studio.

They, of course, agreed, with one clause.

I was to write to them to provide regular updates on how it was going.

Each year I wrote to document the highs, lows and changes.

Each quarter I still write reports (which now go to a broader pool of people) to keep those close to us up to date.

My Gramps taught (nearly) my whole family to ski.

As a headteacher in Southampton, he started taking primary-aged children skiing.

He taught me when I was six, and then we explored much of the Alps and Canada.

Last week my Dad and I returned to Italy, to the same place this photo was taken 18 years ago.

I love this photo.

Talk about inspiration.