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Remote Rhythms

February 28th, 2022

Two years ago, like the rest of the world, our team packed their laptops into their bags and headed home to stay safe.

Initially, we thought we adapted well, everyone was able to continue working and it felt like business as normal.

Then the burnout and isolation came.

We've tried using a variety of rhythms to allow for focused solo work without the feeling of isolation or loneliness.

Here's what our team rhythms currently look like:

Monday 9am - 9:20am

All team, all hands on Slack Huddles.

A meeting to kick off the week, catching up on the weekend and chatting through active projects.

Daily 2pm - 2:15pm

All team, all hands on Slack Huddles.

A short catch to review progress and scope out the rest of the day.

Tuesday 11am - 11:30am

Tea time on Zoom.

A chance to down tools, grab a cup of something hot and chat with your colleagues.

Friday 11am-11:30am

Friday Games on Slack Huddles

A game GeoGuesser or to break the ice and a chance to catch up about anything but work.

2-3 times a year

In-person gatherings

Our plan is to continue to meet 2 or 3 times per year in person, as a whole team. A chance to get to share experiences and spend time in person.

This month, we're reviewing these rhythms to sense check them.

As our team continues to grow, it's critical we set the culture through our remote rhythms.