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Leadership should be calming and inspiring for your team

March 1st, 2022

It’s important as a company that your employees feel safe and secure in what they are doing.

Empowering leadership is based on having trust in your team and conveying that sense of trust by giving them the responsibility to get things done.

If you are leading a team or business, you need to be able to instil a sense of calm and authority in your team. Through trusting your team and giving them opportunities, you propel them to step up, going above and beyond to excel in new areas.

Sprints should be short, not constant. Running at 120% all the time is tiring and causes burnout, so only pull the fire alarm on a project if it is a real emergency.

As we continue to hire the smartest folk we can, it's never been more important to trust your team and give them a chance to excel.