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Know your role

August 24th, 2022

Around the kitchen table at the Limewood Hotel in the New Forest, we celebrated my parent's birthdays.

The eight of us around the kitchen table enjoyed a culinary feast, all while having front-row views of our food being prepared.

My parents met in catering and spent much of the evening sharing stories and antidotes from their hospitality work.

As we watched the chefs prepare plate after plate, one thing was clear;

Each person knew their role.

Watching the chefs of all different ages and experiences was like watching a well-drilled sports team. Highly efficient and able to anticipate each other's next move.

Each chef took pride in their station, ensuring it was clear and clean and their element wouldn't be late or not perfect.

We see this in high-performing teams across sectors.

Before the tournament, the successful Lionnesses coach, Sarina Wiegman, made it clear to each player what their role was, whether starting or supporting.

This action provided instant clarity to each player on how they could help the team achieve their goal of winning the Euros.

When leading a team, each member must know their roles and responsibilities.

Would every member of your team know their role?