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It's time to reorder our business goals

January 12th, 2022

With the team, all in one room, Rachel and I took the opportunity to go through each of our 2022 goals in detail. We started by running through them in the order we always have.

Client Success, Revenue, Ventures, Community, Team, Education, Tech.

We then paused and we reviewed our Three Pillars.

Purpose (Lifestyle)

Steadfast Collective is a place for smart creatives to develop their skills and talents in the digital sphere. We want to cultivate a workplace that people desire to work, grow, and invest their heart into. Our purpose is to create an environment for our collective to excel in their personal and professional lives; building quality code, working on exciting projects, gaining new skills, whilst also maintaining a healthy work/life balance. We treat people with integrity, rather than as a resource, equipping them for each milestone in their life.


Steadfast Collective delivers projects in a collaborative manner for our clients, creating digital applications of social and financial value to their business. We desire to leave the internet in a better place than we left it, ensuring we are intentional about what we craft and release for the world. Using our experience of working on our own ventures, we know what it takes to build, ship and market a digital product. We use this experience to actively collaborate with clients to understand their brand, explore their challenges and to find solutions to their digital problems. Our aim is to go above and beyond your standard agency; partnering with clients on the long-term goals of their business.

People (Community)

We desire to grow as people, delivering excellent projects so that we can teach and inspire our own communities of developers, business owners, and our wider network. Our impact as a business should outflow from our offices and home offices into our local communities. We should carry our values into everyday life.

As founders, we’ve always believed that if Steadfast thrives, our clients can thrive and then our local-economic communities can thrive. We can’t help clients if our own ship isn’t in shape, and likewise, we can’t use our excess resources to benefit our local communities if we have no excess.

With this in mind, we reviewed our 2022 goals again, but this time in the correct order.

Team, Client, Community, Ventures, Education, Tech, Revenue.

When we ordered our goals correctly, it was clear there were areas of the business that needed attention. While we had exceeded all fiscal goals, operationally we have been weak.

Rachel and I believe that if we focus on our goals in this order, we will be a business with more stability, and importantly have more joy within our day-to-day lives.