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Community keep the world spinning.

March 16th, 2022

Over at Steadfast Collective, we talk about the concept of community a lot.

There are different reasons why the team champion the idea of community, but for me, it's simple.

Community keep the world spinning.

Community: People with common interests, history, social or economic background.

There's something extraordinary about being part of a collective of people with a common interest or cause.

A football game, protest or parenting group all have people coming together to achieve something.

What we're trying to achieve doesn't have to be bold or grand.

I attend a Dads group once a month, where we get together, eat bacon rolls and play with our children. This community, to me, is a safe place for me to spend quality time with my two-year-old, enjoying her play with toddlers.

This community doesn't change the world, but it changes ours.