Easy Sequel Pro ➡ Laravel Migrations!

If you’re developing websites within a Mac OS environment, likelihood is you’re using Sequel Pro to work with local and remote databases.

If you’re also a Laravel user, you’ll be aware of Migrations. In short, migrations let you write your database schema in code.

GitHub user cviebrock as created a Sequel Pro bundle which allows you to generate Laravel migration files from existing tables.

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Git in Atom!

So Atom has this extraordinary library of packages to pick from.
Today I’m highlighting a personal highlight, Git-Plus. It’s essentially a Git helper, allowing you to use your normal; Add, Commit, Push and Pull (along with the rest) inside Atom, without switching over to terminal.

Cmd-Shift-H (On Mac) pulls the helper window (as seen in the gif) and from there you’re able to Git-away!

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